Carmel Secondary School

Forgot and Reset Password

Many online applications require your CarmelNet password for authentication. If you have forgotten your password, you may apply for a password reset. You will receive a new password once the request is processed.

To make a password reset request, you should complete the password reset request form. You may obtain the form by:

  1. Visit ITLC in person during lunch hours
    You may request for a Password Reset Request form from our consultant-on-duty during lunch hours.

  2. Download and print the password reset request form here.
Please Note:
  • After completing the request form, please submit it to the consultant-on-duty at the ITLC during lunch hours and the password reset request will be processed later.
  • Normally it takes 3 school days for the IT team to process the password reset request.
  • New password will be delievered to you through tthe class monitors and monitress
  • It is the students' RESPONSIBILITY to design, use and remember a good and secure password, requesting password reset frequently increases the workload of the IT team.